Help! Twitter stopped working
  • Hi,

    Many sites with Twitter widgets stopped working a few days ago.
    This happened because the previous Twitter API is no longer active.

    Twitter now requires OAuth to work, this means, you need to make some changes in your code.
    The good news is that every theme/template is now updated and working.
    This fix requires php to work.

    If you want/need to make it work manually, here's what you need to do:

    HTML templates

    Products affected: MoonLight > Responsive coming soon Page, MoonLight > Responsive HTML Template, Disillusion > Responsive Coming Soon Page, Disillusion > One Page Responsive Portfolio, Panic Station > Responsive Coming Soon Page

    Open the file js/plugins.js and find the jquery.tweet.js plugin.
    Replace it by this code:

    Now, re-download the template again from themeforest and copy the twitter folder to the root of your template.
    That's it.

    For Wordpress themes, is a bit more complex to do it. Let me know if you need to manually fix it.
    In Wordpress themes the folder is located in functions/twitter.

    Important note

    Since Twitter now requires every request to be authenticated, it needs some API settings.
    We recommend that you open the index.php file in the twitter folder and fill in with your own API settings.
    You can create a Twiiter app here:

  • Olá,

    Precisamos que nos indiques como resolver esta situação no WP.

    Nós já "sacamos" o código daqui mas não funcionou.

    Aguardamos notícias

  • Hello, where's the twitter folder? I've re-downloaded the template and can't find the twitter folder on it.

  • wackof: what theme ?
  • Sorry! I'm talking about the Moonlight theme, I'm trying to do the twitter update to fix the "loading tweets" problem, on the instructions you say "re-download the template again from themeforest and copy the twitter folder to the root of your template." I have re-downloaded the complete file, already updated the plugin.js but can't find the twitter folder

    thanks for your quick reply, regards cheers!
  • Im sorry, it is in functions/twitter.
  • Hi! the Envato's HTML v1.2 is the latest version? maybe I'm downloading the old version, cause i can't find the functions/twitter as well, could you please provide me the newest updated files link? sorry to bother

  • I thought you were talking about the Wordpress.
    The HTML template is being approved by the Themeforest. You might ait till tomorrow.

    Sorry about that.
  • all right! jajaja no problem I'll be checking, as soon as the new files are available I'm sure everything will be normal again

    thanks again for the quick replies 5 stars recommendation already

  • Hi,

    wackof: the update is not available for download.

  • When can we expect a twitter fix update for Moonlight Wordpress theme?
  • Hi,

    The Moonlight WP theme is already updated.

  • according to changelog from it hasn't been updated since 27.02.2013, maybe the new update is still processing by themeforest?
  • No, we've not updated the item profile yet. Download it and you'll get the latest version.
  • Uso o tem Disillusion para wordpress e parece estar a funcionar bem no Safari e Forefox. No entanto não funciona no Chrome. Alguma ideia?
  • nelsontome: Cache ?
  • hi! just got it! will update right now

    thanks again, cheers!! ;)
  • worked smoothly, already fixed!! everything working normally

    thank you very much!!

  • which exact Moonlight WP theme files have been changed related to fixing the Twitter feed bug?
    I can imagine it's probably:


    anything else?
  • wojtekgurak: And the javascript ones: main.js* and plugins.js. You need to add the path of the tweet plugin.

    * In some themes it can be main.js or script.js
  • Moonlight Version 1.8.2 WP - Please, can you fix the twitter feed also at the comming-soon-page ...

    Thank you!
  • Hi,

    Yes, it seems we've missed that.
    We'll take care of it.

  • Hi Im having trouble getting the Twitter widget fixed on my Wordpress theme... any suggestions?
  • Hi,

    Can you please describe what are your difficulties ?
  • My Twitter feed within the Footer does not appear, it just continually says 'loading tweets'. Have have seen you mention that I must go to 'functions/twitter', but I am unsure what you mean by that?

  • Hi,

    What theme ? Have you updated the theme from themeforest ?
  • Hi sorry I am using the Disillusion theme, I am not sure how you update it from Themeforest?
  • Re-download the theme from themeforest and overwrite the theme files. Always backup everything first.
  • Hi I have backed up the database, but I am having trouble backing up the wp-content. I am using filezilla but I keep getting the same error message - (error13:Permission denied).

    I think I need to change the filesystem permissions? Would this have anything to do with your theme?
  • Hi,

    No, it does not have to do with the theme.
    For some reason you are not able to download the folders in your server. Contact your host.
  • Hi Andre,

    I don't understand this with WP monlight -->now i lost twitter in my footer. how you can help me?
    in the middle of the footer
  • Hi,

    Yes, twitter stopped working. Please read the first pst of this thread.
    You need to update your theme. Re-download it from Themeforest.
  • I lost the slider, and about us is the Imagen´s ruined (quebrado) All the function are whacked :-(


    Now: can I Upload ( it with FTP by: .../wp-content/themes/moonlight ?
  • Hi,

    This Twitter issue can cause some scripts to stop.
    Update the theme to the lastest version and you'll be fine.

    Backup all your content before making any changes.
  • Hi there,

    have you fixed the twitter on the comming-soon-page already?
    Moonlight Version 1.8.2 WP

    Thank you forward ...
  • Hi guys,

    thanks in advance for supporting.
    I just purchased your "Panic Station" Coming Soon template...I purchased it today (13.07) so I guess it's the latest version...

    After doing everything you suggested to fix the live tweets, it is still not working...

    Any clue?


  • Hi, bfg

    Thanks for reporting that. We updated the WP, but missed the WP coming soon page.


  • Hi ayoungpatriot, yes the panic station coming soon is updated, latest version is 1.2.2. If you still need any assistance please open a new thread in the theme category.

  • Hi guys,

    thanks for your manual to update the twitter files... but in my doesnt work!
    I have the disillusion - coming soon page template from themeforest... V1.1.4

    I need some help please... after updating the twitter\index.php with my API codes... the page is not showing my tweets... but "loading tweets"...

    any ideas?

    thanks :) Max
  • Hi Max,

    Can you give me a link to see what's going on ?
  • Hi guys,

    i have the same problem like pseudog. just update the twitter\index.php with my api codes and stay in "loading tweets" status

    thank you! ;)
  • Hi,

    We have a few themes, so i can't be much of a help, if you don't give more details:
  • Sorry man! I have the problem with Panic Station/Coming Soon, version 1.2.2, WP 3.5.2, Local and Online mode
  • Reinstalling MAMP locally all work fine but on the website the problem remains... put all the content of Coming Soon PACK folder into www directory is correct?
  • It seems like on the website the php function are not called... Any suggestions?
  • Can you send me a link to test ?
  • I just purchased the theme tonight 8/16/13 and the twitter does not work.

    "Open the file js/plugins.js and find the jquery.tweet.js plugin.
    Replace it by this code:"

    What am I am to replace using ?

    Also, how accessible is the templates? WCAG 2.0 A. AA. AAA?
  • atruindividual,

    We need more information in order to be able to help you.
    Please refer to this thread on how to create a proper support request:

  • Hi,

    I just purchased Panic Station, but the twitter feed is not working & all the images are pixeletted.?
  • @imsimplycreative
    the images are pixeletted because you must change it through your images.

    But the twitter tweets seems not working.

    Here my way to test it:
    - I do the update like the description
    - I download the package again (the twitter folder is in it!), put in my twitter data
    - I changed and test the rights for the files and folder

    So, my question: How are your twitter app configuration?

    online | v1.2.2 - 18/06/2013 | Linux Server | PHP Version 5.3.21
  • @thomars thanks for helpinng out.

    @imsimplycreative what panic station do you have? Coming soon, HTML template or Wordpress ?
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